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All api of xtream ui and xtream code

API of xtream ui   View Server List Perform this request, to view all your servers, main & load balancers including their status http://your_dnsort/api.php?action=server&sub=list Code: ex: curl "" View Online Streams Perform this request, to view only the online Live Streams http://your_dnsort/api.php?action=stream&sub=online Code: ex: curl "" View Offline Streams Perform this request, to view only

[Tool] Block mac scanner and line share

How the mac scan tool works in the market nowadays Most IPTV providers use the xtream code and the portal defaulted by for all mac devices. It is a vulnerability for the scanning tools to work (like tool OpenBullet…) Here the video how the tool works:     The mac scan tool will use a

Xtream UI Vs Xtream Codes & XUI.ONE

Xtream UI is a new IPTV (Internet Protocol television) solution developed by a company called Plexus Technologies. The Xtream website claims that it offers a full range of features and capabilities, which are very similar to that of proprietary software such as Windows Media Player and QuickTime. Although there isn’t a lot of difference between

Xtream UI Panel – A Complete Guide

Xtream UI is the most commonly being used IPTV platform/CMS. This is the most complete IPTV solution and the best part is its 100% free to use without any limit. The developers are keep working on the panel to keep it improved and help IPTV providers to run their businesses with more professionalism and great

Xtream Codes allows IPTV streaming providers to manage their own IPTV or VOD service and their customer database.