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How to Choose Best IPTV Server

Best IPTV Services

How To Choose Best IPTV Server For Admin & LB?

While starting an IPTV business, choosing right server configurations meters. I’ll be suggesting you few nice company servers list that will help you getting best performance at cheap prices.

Basic & Quick Answer:

Well, for different projects we need different configurations. Like same we need different config for main server and loadbalancer or VOD server. Like if you’re here looking for suggestions for main server, you need minimum 500MB unmaterred input and output bandwidth, 500GB+ storage minimum 6 cores, minimum 64GB or 128GM RAM and closest location to your client’s region.

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Same like for Loadbalancer, minimum 128GB RAM, 6/8 cores, 500GB + storage and minimum 1GB input and output unmaterred bandwidth and closes location to client’s region to run 100-300 channels over it.

For VOD server you need minimum 64GB or more RAM, 6 cores, closest location to client’s region and storage depends on how much data you’re gonna put on.

Best & Cheap Dedicated Servers for IPTV (XTREAM UI)

Company Min Prices RAM/Bandwidth Min-Max  BW Locations
AliPacket (Offshore/DMCA Ignore) 140$ 32GB/1Gbps 1Gbps – 10Gbps NL, US, HK
DataPacket 120$ 64GB/1Gbps 1Gbps – 40Gbps EU, US, APAC
Koddos (OffShore) 420$ 48GB/1Gbps 1Gbps – 10Gbps HK, EU
Hetzner 39€ 64GB/500Mbps 1Gbps – 1Gbps DE, FI
OVH 81$ 64GB/500Mbps 250Mbps – 4Gbps FR, DE, UK, AU, CA, PL, SG, US
Worldstream 142€ 64GB/1Gbps 1Gbps – 20Gbps NL
FDCservers 299$ 72GB/1Gbps 1Gbps – 300Gbps NL, US

Selecting Dedicated Server For IPTV Admin Panel

So, let me clear things to you without boring you (I’ll try my best). I’ll be considering to choosing the best server from all sides, yeah! I’m not gonna just consider on freezing, or only zapping or performance etc but all. All server with IPTV must be unmaterred (unlimited) bandwidth.

  • Choosing faster connectivity server

Now for main server, here faster reach mean the faster connectivity or faster ping. Ping means how fast is your ISP (internet service provider) connecting to your server. You can anytime test ping to your servers by typing ping yourserverip so this will show you results how fast your internet is able to connect to your server, less ping means faster connectivity. Following is a sample test result to a random server from my local ISP.

Sample server pingtest
Sample server pingtest

So, here 74ms means your internet connected to that server within 74 million seconds sounds great yeah? But if you can arrange more faster ping like 20ms or nearby it will be faster zapping(speed while changing a live channel). There should  be no chance for packets loss, as you can see above server has 0% loss.

  • Choosing RAM

RAM effect always when you use prebuffer feature that helps make less buffer to your client. It actually download extra part of the stream to your user’s app so while it start buffer inside the old extra downloaded part keep running and reconnect the newly loaded part. Its a helpful feature you can find at Gear icon => Settings => Streaming =>Client Prebuffer, keeping 20 or 40 are cool.

  • Choosing Storage & Cores

Well, for main server, things are cool if you get 6 cores and 500GB or hard drive. As we’re making a sample setup of server configuration by considering our client’s limit as 200 online at a time (maybe when you’ve added 5000 users at all) and 200 to 300 streams online on loadbalancer.

Selecting Dedicated Server For IPTV Load Balancer

Ah ok, loadbalancers are the servers which will keep your streams live on and user’s app will be stay connected them to keep downloading the streaming content. So, these servers must be strong than that main by cores, bandwidth and RAM. All server with IPTV must be unmaterred (unlimited) bandwidth.

  • Choosing faster ping

Like i shared above, ping means how fast or long it connect to the destination. So, if your local internet connects fast to your dedicated server, it will make you 0 freeze while playing any stream and if your main server has faster connectivity to your loadbalancer then as you’ll connect to main and it will redirect you to loadbalancer, faster pings will make you fast zap and no buffer. So, select the server that has more and faster ping between and your main server, current load balancer server and nice ping to your local ISP (internet service provider).

  • Choosing the RAM

So, choosing RAM here according to our needs is very important. Like, if you’re planning to put 200 streams over server for 200 users online simultaneously and prebuffer enabled at 40 then your RAM may go more than 60% if server has 64GB of RAM. So, i;ll strongly suggest to go with a 128GB RAM or atleast 64GB with 20 prebuffer. OVH has cheap 128GB RAM servers and good pings to ISPs.

  • Choosing Storage and Cores

It depends on how many streams and clients you’re gonna put on it. 500GB storage is OK for it with 8 cores CPU if you’re put in 300 streams and 200 clients online simultaneously . If you’re confused, write me a comment down.



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