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Xtream UI Panel – A Complete Guide

Xtream UI Panel 12

Xtream UI is the most commonly being used IPTV platform/CMS. This is the most complete IPTV solution and the best part is its 100% free to use without any limit. The developers are keep working on the panel to keep it improved and help IPTV providers to run their businesses with more professionalism and great service.

Few months ago their official site xtream-ui.com site went offline due to owners did their self. They announced before closing the site that you can save mirrors and panel files for later installations and the reason of making their own site offline is still unknown.

So, after reading this guide you’ll be able to choose best stuff for your current or newly starting IPTV business.

Xtream UI Panel Features:

xtream ui features

xtream ui features

  • Secure and complete online web portal for admin & resellers.
  • A complete rules page for resellers to allow them specific rules like can delete users, allow them specific channels and VOD + edit their user and password.
  • Create unlimited users with features to delete, extend, choose specific streams & VODs, make unlimited bouquets and categories for specific VOD and streams.
  • A complete solution to add EPG and logos to the streams.
  • Users can use the lines to their maximum devices and apps like Smart TVs, Android Apps/Boxes, MAG/STB, Enigma 2, Dreambox, Digital receivers and more.
  • Can create transcoding profiles according to your requirement to change stream/VOD format, quality, buffer size and much more to increase or decrease bit rate(speed required to play smooth).
  • Quick Mass Tools to do hardworking stuff in bulk like bulk usernames or password change, delete streams or users, edit streams or users, change DNS of streams, fingerprint, import VOD and streams.
  • Complete VOD solution to add VOD, Series (including series, episodes, seasons), Radio stations and auto load metadata like covers, cast, description and much more via API.
  • Complete Live Streaming solution like to add a TV channel with logo, to put on specific category and to be allowed to specific group of users, create 24/7 channels with VODs and series, transcoding streams, EPG, direct and on demand mode, custom user-agents and much more.
  • Special On Demand Mode: So, if you’re planning to start business in cheap way you can add streams as on demand mode so no need to buy much connections from providers and put less load on servers. All streams will be in sleeping mode and be online online when a user try to play a stream and after he play another stream the old one becomes slept again automatically. The process make zap time slower than online.
  • A complete reseller solution, so you can create unlimited resellers and their groups to allow specific users different rules and a secure & perfect ticket system via admin and resellers to communicate each other. Admin can create unlimited packages and their cost for reseller to buy line for their users by getting deducted that credit and save their logs including credits, line deletion and much more to trance reseller’s activity.
  • Complete user’s create and files/line types to support maximum devices and apps like can create m3u, m3u with options, m3u plus, enigma 2, simple list, txt list, MAG and Enigma 2 devices using mac address and many more.

Xtream UI Recent BETA & Official Versions

Beta Official
R22F Early Access R21 Official

Getting started with Xtream UI IPTV Panel?

Well, Xtream UI is an online control panel which can be only installed on a dedicated server with Ubuntu 18.04 OS installed on it. You must need a dedicated server to install panel on, its never recommend to install panel on any VPS.

What are Main and Loadbalancer servers?

Well, unlike their names the main server just carry the panel and its process like webpages and database + orders for loadbalancers and stuff and the loadbalancer is an extra dedicated server attached to panel just to carry streams and user’s load.

This way you must need 1 main server just for panel and then atleast 1 loadbalancer to put streams and users on. Loadbalancer must be strong to carry the load of streams and users.

Choosing The Main Server:

Now the question is, how to choose server for this panel? Yup, if you want the answer in 1 line then answer would be “A dedicated server with at least 1gbps unmaterred bandwidth speed, 6 cores, 500GB disk space, Ubuntu 18.04 OS” and if you really wanna understand the story of choosing the main server for panel, keep reading.

Xtream UI admin

Xtream UI admin

As the server we’re gonna choose will be just for panel processes, we must need to know how much data we’re gonna make it to process? yeah? I mean how many users, streams, transcoding, logs..  you’re gonna put on.

Let’s say you’re a newbie and making things work perfect with 1K streams and 100 users (keep in mind, on demand and offline users do not put load on server, I’m talking about online ones) then its a good to choose a bit more stronger server to maybe 64GB or 96/128GB of RAM and 8cores and more if you can afford.

Same way if you’ve 3K streams and more users you can keep increasing the server power. This way its recommended to choose main server from any company that can anytime customize your current server upon requirements like currently you’ve 32GB of RAM and later you can upgrade it to 64GB and that’s why I’ll recommend to go with offshore dedicated servers.

Recommended Dedicated Servers for Xtream UI

Its always recommended to get offshore dedicated server for your main panel server as its never taken down for any kind of complaint. So, i’m sharing you offshore and non-offshore servers list for Main server.

Company Min Prices RAM Min-Max Min-Max  BW Locations
AliPacket (Offshore/DMCA Ignore) 140$ 32GB – 256GB 1Gbps – 10Gbps NL, US, HK
DataPacket 120$ 64GB – 256GB 1Gbps – 40Gbps EU, US, APAC
Koddos (OffShore) 420$ 32GB –  256GB 1Gbps – 10Gbps HK, EU
Hetzner 39€ 64GB – 1Gbps – 1Gbps DE, FI
OVH 81$ 32GB – 256 250Mbps – 4Gbps FR, DE, UK, AU, CA, PL, SG, US
Worldstream 142€ 64GB – 256 1Gbps – 20Gbps NL
FDCservers 299$ 72GB – 256 1Gbps – 300Gbps NL, US

Main servers are OK to have 500Mbps bandwidth as you’re never gonna put streams and users over it, RAM depends upon how much pre-buffer you’ve set up for your clients normal its 20 and 32GB to 64GB is OK for it, cores are required if you’ve high usage for streams/clients or other processed like transcoding and stuff then you need a strong machine otherwise the basic 6 cores or 4 cores are OK.

Choosing The Loadbalancer Server:

Loadbalancer is second server connected to the panel (main server). This server is used to put clients and streams or VOD data over it. This server must be configured properly as per your needs, i mean depending on how many users and streams/VOD you’re planning to add to your IPTV server.

So, let’s say you’re planning to have 500 online streams each for 6mbps bitrate which can be used to nearly 100 users online simultaneously (mostly users are not online all simultaneously like if you’ve created 1k + users then maybe you can get 25 to 50 users online simultaneously) then you need better 5Gbps if not must be 4Gbps unmaterred bandwidth speed and 6 or more cores , 64GB or more RAM, 500GB or more disk space.

xtream ui Loadbalancer

xtream ui Loadbalancer

To make you understand the bandwidth speed thing better, let me explain in more better way!

Bitrate means internet speed required for 1 stream. So, we’re calculating here as 1 stream’s bitrate x total streams = all we need . Make sure you always need 500mbps or 1Gbps extra as free always otherwise users may face freezing issues.

Bitrate means internet speed required for 1 stream
Bitrate Online streams/Users Need total
3Mbps 500 (3×500) 1500Mbps (1.5Gbps)
4Mbps 500 (3×500) 2000Mbps (2Gbps)
6Mbps 500 (6×500) 3000Mbps (3Gbps)

If you’ve more users and less streams then you need to worry about uploading speed and if you’ve more streams than users then you need to get more downloading speed. If you need DMCA free dedicated servers with pre-installed Xtream UI you can go for alipacket servers.

The installation for Xtream UI Panel:

I’ve already shared a detailed guide upon install Xtream admin and Xtream UI loadbalancer. You can easily set-up them via these guide articles or I’m always available as paid here or comment down to ask for free.

I hope this post helped you alot, if did please share this post over you social media and appreciate my work on comments bellow. I’m now working on a guide to tech you about using the panel properly.



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