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What is IPTV Reseller?

IPTV Reseller is simply someone who buys IPTV Panel and credits from an IPTV Providers and markets it so that it can be upsold to a customer.

IPTV Reseller | Why should you choose us?

One of my favourite things about this business is that anyone can become an IPTV reseller regardless of what their educational background looks like.

Automatic Update

We give customers direct exclusive access to 7300+ standard and HD channels and 9600+ VOD.

Watch Online Live

Watch on your TV, MAG, Android, IOS, PC, MAC and more TV 24/7.


We also offer Channels of 50 countries, So what can we all provide?


More than 100,000 customers trust. So you just rest assured.


We have been working and developing continuously for 7 years.

Stable Server

With over 100 best servers. You can rest assured about the stability of the server.

Pirce IPTV Reseller Program

Credit Price For Reseller


USD Price For Credit

$ 1/Credit

Become IPTV Reseller

Start IPTV Business Now

Become an IPTV Reseller is extremely easy and is not going to break the bank anytime soon. All you need is a few hundred dollars and you are set up to provide your services.


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Xtream Codes allows IPTV streaming providers to manage their own IPTV or VOD service and their customer database.

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