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iptv afiliate program

Tribe IPTV service is a great provider where you have a chance to earn up to 30% of commission through the affiliate program. Comparatively, these are quite high commissions. Moreover, you can completely ask them to give you a free trial for 24 hours; therefore, you have an objective view of their service. Their customer care and streaming quality give you trust in a fast, reliable IPTV service. All commissions and transactions are transparent, and you can withdraw the credit easily. The writing below will feature in detail about Tribe IPTV Affiliate Marketing Program.


The term “affiliate marketing” has recently gained in popularity as a marketing buzzword. Affiliate marketing expands the number of opportunities available to people who earn money by referring others to a product or service they believe in.

What is IPTV Affiliate?

IPTV affiliate means when you place a link or banner for an IPTV provider on your website or social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and so on. Then, whenever someone hits the IPTV page and makes a payment using the link or banner, you will earn commissions.

I’d like to recommend IPTV Affiliate for the provider Tribe IPTV in this article.

How to start IPTV Affiliate?

To begin, you must register via the following link:

Following that, you may include an affiliate link to the IPTV website in the form of a text or graphic banner. You will earn commissions if someone clicks through from your website to the IPTV page and makes a purchase.

However, if you previously registered and purchased a subscription, you do not need to re-register. Affiliate programs can be started by obtaining affiliate links from your Dashboard.

Create an account to begin your Affiliate Program.

Why should IPTV Affiliate for Tribe IPTV be chosen?


Frankly, if you enjoy our service, we encourage you to recommend it to a friend.  This is something that our users have been doing for a long time. When you recommend that your friends utilize our service, you are expressing your faith in us. When you put your faith in us, we’ll do our best to show our appreciation. Hence, the IPTV Affiliate Program is in fact a reward plan for a business partner.

If you recommend an IPTV service that isn’t up to par, it’s can be sure that you will lose faith in your friends and family. Everyone would be happy if you can guarantee the stability and excellent quality of any product and service you commercialize. It’s a good idea to recommend it.

Reliable and amazing streaming

Our IPTV service offers a wide range of programming, including live channels, movies, and tv series. There are no doubts about the reliability or stability of this service. There is no need to be concerned about freezing or buffering. Therefore, it’s a pity if you miss the chance to try our service.

Earnings & Guaranteed Payments

Timely payment is guaranteed. Your revenue will be steady when you sign up for our IPTV Affiliate programs and become a partner. Even while you’re sleeping, our IPTV Affiliate Program can help you make more money.

What does the Tribe Affiliate panel have?

The following are some of the key benefits of utilizing the Tribe affiliate panel:

  • Payout settings: this area allows you to select the payment gateway and the minimum required amount to receive money.
  • Affiliate link: This link enables you to refer our service to your clients or other users. We recommend that you make this your primary affiliate link.
  • Banners & Links: You can affiliate our service with your website by placing a banner or just a Link banner with affiliate criteria on it.
  • Payouts to me: Once your commissions reach the minimum amount you’ve established, you must submit a request to receive the commission. We will verify it and transfer the funds to the payment gateway you choose.

How to calculate the commission you will get?

You can view a list of all transactions and commissions registered by the system in the Commissions screen of the Tribe Affiliate panel. In the next step, I’ll verify the percentage of commissions you’ll get per transaction.

  • If your customer registers a Personal account, the commission you receive will count as 30% of each transaction. For example, if your Personal customer paid successfully for 2 years by PayPal (with 10% of fees), and the actual amount they paid is $132, then your commissions from this transaction will be 30% of $132 which is $ 39.60.
  • In case your customer is a Reseller or Restreamer, the commission you receive will count as 30% of 30% of each transaction. For example, if your Reseller customer bought successfully the package for $200 for 225 credits. He paid using Byteseller which charges 25% of fees, then the total amount is $250. After that, you will get 30% off 30% of $250 which is $22.5.

If a customer requests a refund, but you have already received your incentive, a little amount will be deducted from your future commission payments.

Partner Affiliates – FAQs

1. What is the Tribe Affiliate Program

Our Tribe Affiliate Programs reward you when you refer new clients to our website to purchase a subscription. When a subscription is successfully purchased by a customer you refer, you will earn commissions on the sale.

2. How can I become a member of the Tribe Affiliate Program?

It’s simple to enroll in this program. To begin, click the sign-up link. After that, you’ll receive your own affiliate link.

3. How does the Tribe Affiliate Program work?

Our program enables you to earn money by referring new clients to our website and having them subscribe. Banners, links, and consumer feedback provided by us can be used in social media posts by you. When you recommend potential customers to our service and they make a purchase, we earn commissions on the sale.

4. Is there a fee associated with becoming an Affiliate?

This program is absolutely free to enroll in. There is no fee associated with this program, and there is no minimum sales requirement.

5. How much can Affiliate partners be earned?

It is all up to you. We also supply information for you to share on social media, however, your commissions are entirely dependent on your purchases.

6. Is it allowed to put posts about our service on many websites?

Without a doubt! You can promote our service on single or multiple pages of your website or social media accounts. The more links and content you include on your websites, the more visitors you may send our path.

7. Is the Blog or website eligible for the Affiliate Program?

This Affiliate Program is open to most blogs and websites. We reserve the right, however, to deny access to a website or to withdraw your membership at any time if your website contains inappropriate content.

8. You can join the Affiliate Program even if you do not have a blog or website.

Rather than using blogs and websites, you can use social media to spread the word about our product by using the affiliate link.

9. I am not yet a subscriber to your IPTV service; am I eligible to join your Affiliate Program?

You certainly can. To be honest, you should spend a few days experimenting with our service. You can test the service for free and are not required to pay anything. Then, you’ll have a basic understanding of our service. This increases your confidence in recommending our service to your family and friends.

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