How the mac scan tool works in the market nowadays

Most IPTV providers use the xtream code and the portal defaulted by for all mac devices. It is a vulnerability for the scanning tools to work (like tool OpenBullet…)

Here the video how the tool works:



The mac scan tool will use a number of IPs (proxy IPs) to avoid IP blocking issues. Apart from being scanned by mac, it also makes the server slower because that scanning is almost same as ddos a server. The mac scanning mechanism is absolutely posting mac to the server of the IPTV provider, which uses some APIs like:

If the mac address is valid, it will return the username, password (this is a line created to associate with this mac), based on that username, password to check the expiration date and the line status and also use the API:

The block mechanism of my tool is based on the mac scan tool

It is because the mac scan tool will send a lot of requests with the mac address to the server to check if that mac exists or not. Xtream app will count the amount of IP requests for mac that does not exist on the server. If 1 IP is requested over the number of the installations in the setting, it will be blocked.

In addition to blocking IP scan mac, this tool is also automatically changing password and portal. 

This tool will change the password or portal when a line or mac are shared on google or some group that shared the free accounts. 

How it works:

  • It counts the number of IPs using the mac or line, if it exceed the limitation in the setting, the password will be changed.
  • In case the line is shared, it will automatically change the password of that one.
  • In case the mac is shared, it will automatically change the password of the line which associated with that mac and also add a new portal for that mac.

Adding portal functions and Why should use this tool?

Nowadays, a large number of clients using the mac devices are shared their accounts on google and other website freely. So IPTV providers and resellers have better to install the mac scan tool to control their lines and decrease the situations of shared accounts.

More specific, at present, all IPTV providers are using the same form of portal for mag devices like Hackers or any someone are able to realize this notice and constantly use this mac without fee.


We will give you some benefits when using our tool. For instance, your panel has the mac address: 08:39:29:29:29:29 and it is shared. Normally it is necessary to change the mac address, but with our tool, this stuff is not in need, just need to change the portal of this mac. Reseller can change any portal for your liking. For example, you can edit portal address into: which means this mac 08:39:29:29:29:29 will only work with portal

Overall, nowadays there are a huge number of mac addresses shared in google or many websites. Even though when the matches start, your server will be reported and attacked by dmca leading to be in the edge of deleting your server. It takes time and waste money to restored it. Therefore, using our tool is very safe and you do not need to worry about this problem anymore. This one will protect your server and all your lines all the time.

How to install the xtreamapp tool?

This tool works with Xtream v2 or higher, xtream ui (all versions) and streamcreed

The first you need tell me your main IP server then you can login ssh server and run the installing command:

wget -O /tmp/ && bash /tmp/

After installing, you will use the admin account of xtream ui to login to the dashboard: http://Mainip:8180/index.php

If you want to uninstall, you can use this command to delete:
wget -O/tmp/ && bash /tmp/

Here is some screenshots of xtreamapp and the functions of each part

Ban IP

History: This function will show IP internet, URL link and the day starting blocked.

Ignore: Showing IP address that is not blocked

Blocked: Showing all IP internet which are blocked and the duration of blocking.

Multi IP

Report: Showing all accounts with all IP internet which have used until now and the date this app started to report.
Tool scan mac_mutiple ip


Multi IP Config:

Changed password in case

  • Connections: The number of the line connection is exceeded or equal to the number in the blank
  • Different IP count: Respectively, the number of different IP internet is exceeded or equal to the number in the blank
  • Different CIDR count: the number of different IP internet is exceeded or equal to the number in the blank
Ignore: Showing the status of record and the time (in seconds) the ignore will be removed
Report: Showing the Hook URL

Ban IP Config

HTTP Code: Showing HTTP status

Block Rules:

  • Access times: Catch the number of IP in the blank, which accesses many times
  • Scan duration: Scan the number of IP and count the times it access
  • Block duration: Blocking issues will be get out of after the number of minutes you filled

Service prices of Xtream app (free update for new version)

This is a very reasonable price and lowest in the IPTV market. The higher package you buy, the greater discount you will get. For more details:

Specially, discount 20% for the 20 earliest registrants

Free trial 1 month

1 month :$30

1 year :   $300

Lifetime license : $600


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